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Welcome to the English version of my Protar scale model building website.I know that my English is not perfect,but I am trying to do my best.My hobby is to build and restore Protar scalemodels from classic racingbikes,especialy the bikes from the sixties and seventies.I also build Italeri models because they still have a few models in there collection after the dead of Tarquinio Provini in 2005.The bikes I mostly like are the Honda 6 cyl 250 and 350 cc and 125 cc 5 cyl,Benelli 250 and 350 cc 4 cyl,MV Augusta 3 and 4 cyl,Yamaha 250 cc V 4 and so on.Famous riders like Surtees,Hailwood Agostini,Saarinen and Read wrote history in the Worldchampionship roadracing.Some of them still are active in Classic Demo Races like the Bikers Days on Spa-Francorchamps,great riders like Saarinen lost there life on the track.Restoring and building special Protarmodels is also a part of modelbuilding for me,just click on the MZ  or Kreidler you can see why its sometimes a challenge to bring a model back to life.

In the Photogallery you will find pictures from all the projects,but not so many as on my Dutch website.The discryption with the pictures is in English. In the future I am working on the projects to fill them in, so wait and see. On my Dutch version you will find more photo"s and discryptions off each project and the latest news, just look at my Dutch site:



                        MY projects:




















+++In Jan. 2013 I started a new project for a special Protar: the building of the MV Agusta 350 cc 6 cyl 1971. MV already started the building and racing in 1957, repeated in 1968 and finaly in Modena 1971 Ago and Bergamonti praticed on the 350 but started the race on the 3 cyl. The base will be a Honda 6 engineblock and a model from the 3 cyl. The model is halfway now and I will work on it, just have a look on my new site:  , photo gallery, album 350 six cyl, have fun!!


+++During the Demorace in 2013 I found a light damaged model of my favorite Protar: the FireRed  Derbi 125 cc 1971 of the sadly died Angel Nieto, a beauty because of it symplicity. It needs some work, you see already some pics on:  album Derbi 125 cc 1971. Start of the  tributeproject to Angel in the Winter 2017.


+++After the Meeting 2013 Tonny and I started on a new duoproject: the building of the Morbidelli 125 cc 1971 Parlotti. You know the model only from folders and drawnings the model was never made by Provini so 40 years later  we are building a unique Protarmodel. But it is a lot of work so it will take time, we hope to finish it in 2017. Have a look on:  . Have fun looking!!




Mail me on: 

and let me know what you think of my projects. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know and have fun watching my hobby. 


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